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USCO was founded in 1989 as a trading specialist in spare parts for Caterpillar machines. In 1994, the first steps were taken towards becoming the comprehensive manufacturing and distribution group it is today: one of the leading companies in the field of spare parts for earth moving equipment.

After taking over ITR, USCO began manufacturing a variety of repair parts under the ITR brand name as well.

The growth of the company and the ITR brand occurred along parallel paths.

Acquiring new manufacturing and distribution enterprises in some of the key markets resulted in a clear and steady expansion of the product range.

At the same time, USCO focused strongly on logistic/distribution factors in order to create more logical ways of technical/production reorganization and localization.

In fact, USCO has become one of the benchmark manufacturers of undercarriage spare parts for earth moving machines by concentrating the production of undercarriages in South Korea and China, making investments and building structures that will ensure that its products will meet top quality standards.

The distribution companies that today form an essential component of the group are decisive for its continuing development.

The current group structure is the result of ongoing market research, keeping a watchful eye on market and customer requirements, as well as the pursuit of being a strong, goal-oriented presence in the field. The establishment of distribution structures in core areas of the targeted markets enables efficient distribution of the product range across a large area. This optimizes delivery times and costs; factors that are increasingly determinative for offering competitive prices and high-quality after-sales service.